5 Reasons Veneers May Be the Answer for You

Did you know that veneers were first invented for and used by actors? In the 1920s, veneers were actually removable and reserved only for use while on the stage! Veneers are still one of the most requested treatment by celebrities, and it’s no surprise why. Veneers can radically transform your smile without surgery or extractions. Depending on your needs, you too may benefit from veneers.

At Floss Dental, our team offers veneers so that you can be happy with your smile again. Below are the top five reasons why Dr. Smita Rewari, DDS offers traditional porcelain veneers.

1. Veneers are long-lasting

Veneers aren’t just a temporary fix; veneers actually last for quite a few years. With the proper care, your veneers may not need to be replaced for up to fifteen years. To make the most out of your veneers:

Brush and floss regularly.
Avoid using your teeth as tools.
Do not chew ice or hard candy, as that can chip your veneers.

2. Veneers provide you with a gorgeous smile

Smiles are often the first aspect of a person that is noticed, and you want your smile to be bright and beautiful. Veneers can do just that. The porcelain itself helps to achieve this because the porcelain is translucent, which means the material mimics the look of a natural tooth.

What does this mean? It means that you won’t look like you’re wearing a pair of fake dentures. You’re left with a beautiful set of pearly whites ... emphasis on the “pearly.”

3. Veneers enhance the color, size, and shape of your teeth

One of the most common complaints when it comes to smile aesthetics is stained teeth. Because porcelain veneers are created just for you, you can select any color; there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to veneers. (Note: Dr. Rewari will help you choose just the right shade so your teeth will look brilliant but natural.)

Believe it or not, veneers can also change the size and shape of your teeth! That means porcelain veneers can treat:

  • Misshapen teeth.
  • A gummy smile.
  • Small-looking teeth.

4. Veneers hide blemishes

In addition to enhancing the color, size, and shape of your teeth, veneers can also hide blemishes, including:

  • Chips.
  • Cracks.
  • Minor gaps.

5. Veneers can boost your self-confidence

When the cameras come out, do you hide your smile? Or are you a close-lipped smiler? Veneers can restore your self-confidence. Armed with a set of porcelain veneers, you’ll be proud to flash your smile!


Are you tired of trying whitening strip after whitening strip with little results? Are you embarrassed about chipped or misshapen teeth? You don't have to accept your smile the way it is. If you’re ready to transform your smile, call Dr. Rewari at Floss Dental. You can also book an appointment online with the scheduling tool.

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